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Make editing easier!

Tansa provides quality control for your written content

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Do you spend a lot of time editing documents or creating content for websites and social media? Does your content contain technical terms, special expressions, unique words and names? Tansa´s centralized proofing system can ensure everyone in your office is adhering your corporate writing standards. 

Whether you´re writing an email, a press release or a social media post, Tansa is available everywhere you create content. Tansa will help you write more effectively, avoid typos, improve readability and minimize the time you have to spend proofreading.

What does our customers say about us?

«Tansa has given us the ability to streamline the workflow, we don´t have to triple-check anymore.»

«When we started using Tansa, it was as if someone switched on the lights in the editorial office. We simply don´t have any typos anymore.»

Benefits of  Tansa

  • Corrects spelling, style, word usage and punctuation
  • Enforce writing standards throughout organization
  • Check for Plain Language
  • Choose a published style guide or build your own
  • Quickly find synonyms for overused words
  • Check for readability
  • Work in MS Word and your web CMS
  • Gain valuable statistical data on editing results
  • Secure solutions with first-class support
  • Machine learning – system improves through user interaction
  • Dictionaries updated daily
  • Customize with your own style and terms
  • Helps you write clear and error-free content!

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Everywhere you need it!

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Whether you´re working from home or in the office, Tansa is available online, all the time. 

Tansa is the extra set of eyes, double-checking your work, ensuring there are no embarrasing errors in your final product.


Don´t take chances with quick and casual correspondence. Tansa will make sure your emails are free of typos or phrases frowned upon by the company. 

Don´t misspell a client´s name or misidentify your own product. These simple slips can cost you customers or tarnish your brand.


Keep your messaging on brand and free of errors in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tansa Does not only check for spelling and style – it can identify poorly constructed sentences and difficult to read words. 

Tansa makes sure your message is readable from the moment you post.

Make editing easier for everyone in your office. Contact us for more information.

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