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Tansa is a high-end text proofing system that uses sophisticated prosessing and tailor-made dictionaries to ensure nearly error-free text.

  • Style

    With Tansa, content producers throughout your organization can adhere to your local style with no effort at all. You can choose among several standard stylebooks, such as The Associated Press Stylebook, The Canadian Press Stylebook and many more.

  • Choose a style-guide

    We can help you create your own style-guide or you may choose to subscribe to one from our language partners. All our style-guides provide advanced proofing assistance for both spelling and style.

    See our list of style-guide partners.


  • Proper names

    We understand how important it is to write names correctly. Names of people, places, products, and organizations are both individual and unique. And we know branding is a key element for your product or service.

  • Contextual spell checking

    Tansa sees every word in context. Thus it catches errors and avoids mistakes that would be missed by ordinary spell-checkers. It also recognizes compound phrases, proper names and other word combinations.

  • Centralized proofing system

    Access your Tansa system from anywhere. Tansa is far more efficient than ordinary spell-checkers because of the advanced proofing process employed by the system.

  • Adapted to your workflow

    Text control takes a lot of time. Our system can be fully integrated and adapted to your workflow.

  • Share dictionaries

    Tansa is a customizable system that is refined through interaction to better proof your content. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 users, Tansa can be shared across your workforce.

  • Punctuation

    Tansa can handle punctuation issues. Quotes, parentheses, dashes, accents and diacritical marks are correctly managed, even according to your local style if you so wish.

  • Readability


    You can always be certain that text readability can be adjusted to the level of your readership. The readability index can be combined with English and Scandinavian word dictionaries.

  • Same tone of voice

    The dictionary is customized for every customer. Prior to installation, we analyze a large volume of your company’s published text. This helps us compile a custom-made dictionary incorporating specialized terminology, proper names, a particular language style, etc.

  • Multi-lingual

    Tansa’s proofreading and hyphenation solutions are available in a number of languages – and the list is growing. Because multiple languages can be supported on a single server, Tansa customers can centrally deploy the system to offices around the world.

  • Manage your own style-guide

    All our customers have access to our web-based Tansa Administrator tool. Add important rules, names, words and corrections. You can monitor exactly what your proofing solution is doing for you and fine-tune your customized dictionary.

  • Name updates

    New names appear in print every week. Newly elected officials, new products, businesses and organizations as well as international newsmakers and local people appear continually. We send out name updates several times each week to keep up with the news as it happens.

  • Parallel publishing

    Tansa is perfectly adapted to a world where parallel publishing on several platforms is becoming the norm. It works equally well with print, web and electronic publishing and can be customized for any technology.

  • Open system

    Tansa is an open system, enabling it to work with most of the word processors, database managers, layout programs and content management systems (CMS) in use today. 

  • Easy to use

    Our system is intuitive, logical, uncomplicated and practical. Tansa is easy to use and requires almost no training. Can usually be installed and be fully functional in just a few steps.

  • Plug-ins / extensions

    Tansa Systems supplies the plug-ins/extensions needed to use Tansa with the most widely used content creation and editing applications. Other third-party plug-ins are also available. We have plug-ins available for both web- or non-web-based applications. More than 120 plug-ins are available.