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Tansa’s dictionaries are meticulously compiled and regularly updated.

The system’s accuracy is impressive from the start and continues to improve the more you use it.

Care is taken to include proper names and technical terms that are in current use, also those that are particular to your business or your geographic location. Your writers may never have to look up the names of persons, places or organizations again!

  • Stylebooks

    If you wish, you can base Tansa's corrections on existing stylebooks, such as The Associated Press Stylebook or The Canadian Press Stylebook.

    If your organization already has a custom stylebook, it can be adapted for use within Tansa.

    We can also compile a custom stylebook from your specifications.

  • Customized

    Before you deploy Tansa, our elite team of language experts compile a custom dictionary from your existing body of text.

    This ensures that Tansa follows your in-house language conventions from the start.


  • Multiple languages

    A single Tansa installation can handle more than one language variant simultaneously.

    Examples include:

    • British English and American English
    • English and Spanish (in the US)
    • English and French (in Canada)
  • Dictionary updates

    Routine dictionary updates are made available to all Tansa customers on a regular basis.

    News media and other users with rapidly changing language requirements may wish to subscribe to more timely monthly or weekly updates.

  • Language partners

    Tansa has established license agreements with several reference work providers, including:

    • Webster's
    • Associated Press
    • Canadian Press
    • Financial Times
    • NTB (Norway)
    • Det Norske Samlaget (Norway)
    • TT (Sweden) 

    More than 11 languages are supported.