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Tansa Systems offers a range of professional services.
Our developers, language experts and consultants are available to cater to your needs.

  • Text analysis

    Tansa's language experts can provide detailed review and analysis of your produced material.

    This can help you pinpoint areas where your writing may be improved. It can also be used as a basis for developing and customizing your own local style guide.

  • Custom solutions

    If you have requirements beyond Tansa's standard functionality, our programmers can develop custom solutions to your specifications.

  • API

    If you're developing client applications or CMS systems, desktop or web-based, we have a range of APIs and all the development resources you need to quickly add Tansa support to your solution.

  • Training

    We provide on-site as well as remote training for users, administrators or system integrators.

  • Installation

    The software is installed remotely or on-site by our skilled technical team.

    Installation may be done in collaboration with your IT personnel.

  • Support

    Tansa Systems offers different levels of support according to users' needs, either by web, mail or phone.

    Tansa technicians deliver on-site support if desired. Visit our support page.