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Integrate Tansa Proofing in any Program

Integration allows customers to add our proofing engine and its custom editing features into proprietary and out of the box text editors

Tansa’s new APIs allows customers to drop our complete proofing tool into any kind of editorial system, proprietary or out of the box. Now you can access your trusted Tansa proofer directly from within almost any text editing environment.

Tansa is known for providing customers with a customizable proofing system unlike anything else. Our proofer allows users to completely tailor their dictionaries to recognize multi-word strings, proper nouns, style preferences, clichés and more. With our new APIs, users can further tailor their proofing environment to run Tansa with a more tightly integrated experience and without workstation installations.

An API is an “application programming interface” that allows one kind of program to interact with another, combining forces to produce an even better final product for you. In this case, Tansa’s new APIs takes the trusted functionality of our proofing engine and makes it available from within your preferred writing platform. With the use of our JavaScript API we have created plug-ins for or integrations with the major web-based rich editors: TinyMCE, CK Editor, Alloy Editor, Medium Editor, CodeMirror and WordPress’ Gutenberg editor.

Integration allows customers to add our proofing engine and its custom editing features into proprietary and out of the box text editors.

Our APIs come with new features too. Editors will recognize our efficient, descriptive proofing window, but can now also edit directly in the text. Different flagged terms now display color-coded underlines within the text that indicate what kind of issue Tansa is highlighting: an AP Style problem, a misspelling, a cliché, a style miss or an unknown word. Clicking on a term within your text editor will initiate a popup menu with the same Tansa proofing options on which our customers rely to produce clean, style-ready copy. By integrating Tansa directly into your preferred text environment, users will see even faster proofing sessions because of quicker access to references such as style guides and dictionaries.

As an entirely web-based solution, Tansa’s APIs means you can use Tansa anywhere you create content, including in non-web-based desktop applications using a browser control.

Tansa can integrate with numerous web publishing tools:

  • TinyMCE
  • CKEditor
  • MediumEditor
  • RadEditor
  • And many others

It also includes source code examples.

Choose your plug-in
If you don’t want to do a full integration we have plug-ins available. 

  • Microsoft Word™ (Windows, macOS)
  • Microsoft Outlook™ (Windows, macOS)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint™ (Windows, macOS)
  • Adobe InCopy™ (Windows, macOS)
  • Adobe InDesign™ (Windows, macOS)
  • Google Chrome™ (Windows, macOS and Chrome OS)
  • Google Docs™ (Windows, macOS and Chrome OS)
  • Mozilla Firefox™ (Windows, macOS)
  • Apple Safari™ (macOS)

Partner Program

Send us an email if you want to join our Partner Program or have questions on how to add Tansa to your solution.