Produce better content faster!

Tansa’s ability to check text in multi-word phrases allows the system to correct a wide variety of style, spelling, usage, and punctuation errors. Think of it as an electronic editing assistant.

The software reduces the amount of time your employees spend cleaning up errors in the content because Tansa catches so many different kinds of mistakes, consistently and super fast. Your employees can focus on the substance of the content, and let Tansa perform the tedious correction tasks.

Create or import your custom style based on internal style rules.

We know branding is a key element for your product or service as well as names of people, places and terms.

With our cloud based solution you can work from any place you want: from home, at a café or out travelling.

Everyone in your organization uses the same set of dictionaries. 

Use the same proofing rules in all your communication. 

Friendly, formal, casual or technical – ensure that your voice reflects the image you wish to portray.

"When we started using Tansa, it was as if someone switched on the lights in the editorial office. We simply don’t have any typos anymore"

Bergens Tidende

How Tansa is different

Unlike any other spell-checker you’ve ever worked with, Tansa proofreads your content by looking at the words in context, making it capable of checking not only the spelling of words but also the usage and the style of your writing.

The problem with the simple “spell-checkers” that most people use today is that they are only capable of finding basic mistakes. A more advanced text proofing application is needed to help content creators and editors do their jobs more efficiently. We created the Tansa Text Proofing System to meet this need. 

Tansa software analyzes text by looking at words in context

Custom dictionaries are tailored for each installation

On-premise or cloud-based system used by all content creators and editors

Proofreading takes time

HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED THE AMOUNT of time you and your colleagues spend proofreading and correcting text errors? Or the time you waste looking up words, searching for names, or asking a co-worker for help? Tansa can process virtually unlimited amounts of text and correct thousands of words a second. Just press a key, and the text is corrected almost instantly. Valuable time is saved. Frustration is reduced. And the result is nearly perfect.

We have solutions for you, whether you work in a newspaper, the health sector, or with finance.


We´ll be happy to show you Tansa

6 continents

11+ languages

1.500+ customers in all disciplines

These major brands use Tansa:

    Save time and money


    Our users have documented dramatic increases in productivity, with copy editors working as much as 40 percent faster than before. 

    How Tansa works

    Tansa is a server- or cloud-based solution that integrates with your existing content creation, editing and layout tools. Tansa is perfectly adapted to a world where parallel publishing on several platforms has become the norm. It works equally well with print, web, and electronic publishing and can be customized for any technology.

    Tansa is an advanced text proofing system that can process thousands of words per second. Not only will it correct nearly all spelling, usage, style, punctuation, and hyphenation errors in the blink of an eye, it also ensures that everyone in your organization follows a common set of rules.

    Tansa is an open system, enabling it to work with most of the word processors, database managers, layout programs and content management systems (CMS) in use today. It is easy to use, requires almost no training, and can usually be installed without modifications to your current system setup or workflow.

    Tansa's dictionary is customized for every customer. Prior to installation, we analyze a large volume of your company’s published text. This helps us compile a custom-made dictionary that incorporates specialized terminology, proper names, and a particular language style. And your custom dictionary is frequently updated by language experts at Tansa Systems.

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