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Tansa has been deployed at a wide range of sites: some of the largest news organizations around the world to some of the smallest independent publishers. Anyone who is editing text that must be error-free and adhere to a defined style will benefit from our solution.


For more than two decades, Tansa has been helping corporations large and small ensure error-free content on their websites and in their printed material.

When in competition for new customers or when in correspondence with existing partners, it is important that your content is free of unprofessional or embarrassing errors. Tansa helps companies produce flawless language in their websites, brochures, newsletters and contracts. From managers to sales and marketing staff, whether electronic correspondence or the corporate magazine, Tansa ensures error-free text across the entire organization.

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Online or on the TV screen

The broadcast media face unique challenges when it comes to producing content. Whether publishing a full story on their website or displaying the name of a public official on TV in a graphic or ticker, they need to get it right. When it’s live TV, there are no second chances.

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Magazine publishers around the world use Tansa’s rich proofing engine to ensure the spelling of proper names, whether they belong to sports figures, politicians or Hollywood’s A-list.

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As newspapers continue their evolution from “The Daily Paper” to the 24/7 information center, Tansa’s role in the news gathering and information sharing process has never been more crucial. Today, reporters and editors don’t have hours; they have minutes. Stories that once sat static on the page in print are now updated repeatedly online as the news unfolds. Tansa helps hundreds of such papers maintain a high publishing standard in both their print and online editions.

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Whether a biography, an educational textbook or the latest thriller, Tansa can process thousands of words per second. Reduced editing cycles means reduced production costs.

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Content Marketing

Web-based publishing continues to explode as a method of delivering information to the masses. Blog sites with niche publishing may have dozens of writers submitting content, but edit cycles for this continuous flow of information are often limited or nonexistent. Tied directly into your web browser, Tansa will become an invaluable tool in your daily or hourly routines. Let Tansa be your second set of eyes so you can confidently publish error-free content.

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Wire Services

Often seen as the epicenter of information, wire services are processing and redistributing thousands of stories a day. Whether it’s one story, or several thousand, Tansa can drastically reduce the amount of time spent editing.

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