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Consistent text across media

“We aren’t editing stories the way we used to. Tansa has given us the ability to streamline the workflow; we don’t have to triple-check anymore,”

Web Editor Tore Stensvold

Teknisk Ukeblad

Oslo, Norway

At Norway’s largest trade publication for engineers, no articles are published without being run through the Tansa Text Proofing Service. The editors at Teknisk Ukeblad (TU) believe this is a cost effective way to ensure the quality of the content, independent of where it is published, says Web Editor Tore Stensvold.

Teknisk Ukeblad


Teknisk Ukeblad is Norway’s most popular technology magazine. The magazine has a weekly circulation of 247,000, and their website has more than 650,000 page views each month. Teknisk Ukeblad and its Web site ( is owned by Teknisk Ukeblad Media AS. More information can be found at teknisk ukeblad

Online publishing focus

TU has been published in the form of a printed magazine since 1854. During the last few years, investment in the online edition has consistently grown. Six journalists now work fulltime with the Web site Stensvold believes that investments should be made “when times are good — in order to achieve success in the future.” “Teknisk Ukeblad is primarily a trade journal for members within engineering and technical organizations,” said Stensvold. TU distributes about 100,000 printed copies each week, and the traffic at the magazine’s Web site is growing “fast”, said Stensvold. “The traffic online has doubled during the past months. In January, we had 160,000 unique visitors, and this is very satisfactory,” he said. The market for advertising is also strong for TU — especially recruitment ads for technical positions, where TU is the market leader in Norway. With such a strong financial picture today, the publisher will continue to invest in the online edition of the magazine.

A new publishing platform

The future of the online edition was a key factor when TU decided to purchase a new editorial system. In 2005, the publisher chose the Escenic Content Studio platform for both the print and online publications. Before this they had been using Escenic only for their online. “Escenic’s content management system is primarily meant for online production, but we further developed the system so that we could include all users in our organization,” said Stensvold. “This works well, and our experience is that the system is adapted to modern journalism where news often is published from anywhere at any time.”

Correcting mistakes more efficiently

After hearing about the Tansa Text Proofing System, Stensvold learned that it was not compatible with Escenic’s Java-based client applications. He decided to contact Tansa Systems and ask them to develop the client proofing tools needed to work with their new editorial solution. This resulted in the development of a Java-based Tansa Client and plug-in for the Escenic Content Studio text editor. Since installing the Tansa solution for TU in Escenic, “the language is consistent and almost free from orthographic errors,” said Stensvold. This is true for all the publisher’s publications, independent of the published medium.

Multiple media synergy

Stensvold has big plans for Norway’s largest trade journal in the field of technology. He believes that, first of all, it is important to avoid double coverage in print and online. “We want to avoid cannibalism between the different media,” he said. “We believe that the printed issue and the online publication can live side by side for many years. There is a synergy to be achieved between the two media, both from the editorial side and in regard to ads.” He believes that many of the online readers are subscribers to the printed trade journal. “Our wish is to have the two media complement each other,” said Stensvold. “Since technical developments in many important areas are happening fast, we see no reason why we should not succeed.”

“the language is consistent and almost free from orthographic errors,” 

Tore Stensvold

Tansa applied

Selection of case studies

Tansa is a natural and importatnt part of many companies everyday life. We have asked some of them how and why Tansa makes such a difference.


Bay Area News Group

“Because we’ve made Tansa available to everyone who touches a story file, a great many routine edits are fixed long before the story reaches the copy desk,”



“In a modern news cycle, the time that elapses from event to published news is short, so we depend on an efficient proofing tool which is also easy to use”

A matter of (local) style


“For us, the installation of Tansa reduced the number of errors in our newspaper by many, many percent.”


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