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Tansa’s text proofing tools help Nettavisen become the Online news leader

More than 1 million users expect up-to-date news on all of Nettavisen’s Web sites every week. Ensuring high quality for all articles and no delay in the publishing process is very important to the media company

First to go online

Oslo, Norway

When Nettavisen started in 1986, it was the first Norwegian online news publisher without the backing of a newspaper company. There were many skeptics, but approximately 1.1 million users every single week proves that Nettavisen’s sites have captured the interest and attention of news-hungry Norwegians.

Nettavisen publishes more than one Web site. Nettavisen has several sites, each targeted to specific areas of interest. The editorial system from Escenic is the media company’s central production solution, and Tansa’s software is used by the editors to ensure consistent, high-quality text. “We have used Tansa Text Proofing for several years and it is an important part of our daily routine,” said Øyvind Ludt, managing/associate editor and journalist at Nettavisen.

“About 70 editorial employees use the tool, and without a doubt Tansa removes language mistakes that could have harmed the final product.” In addition, Tansa contributes to consistent language usage for all the company’s news sites. “With so many editorial employees this would have been impossible without a modern proofing tool,” said Ludt. He is responsible for updating the company’s Tansa dictionary.  



Nettavisen went live on Nov. 1, 1996, as the first Norwegian online news site without the backing of a newspaper. The editor in chief is Gunnar Stavrum (2008). In 1999, the company was acquired by the Swedish company Spray, and later Spray was acquired by Lycos Europe. In 2003, Nettavisen was acquired by TV2. The current owners are TV2, A-pressen and Egmont. Weekly visitors for the media company Nettavisen is 1.1 million unique visitors. The online services Nettavisen, NA24, iOslo, iBergen, Side2 and Yeye are all produced by Nettavisen.

“In a modern news cycle, the time that elapses from event to published news is short, so we depend on an efficient proofing tool which is also easy to use. To our satisfaction Tansa improves our end products without delaying the publishing process”

Øyvind Ludt, associate editor and journalist at Nettavisen

Double quality assurance

Nettavisen’s journalists all have access to Tansa when publishing articles from the Escenic system. In addition, the text proofing tool is used at the editor desks and provides a double quality check for the editorial department.

The Tansa Proofing Service runs on a dedicated server in Bergen, with a Java-based plug-in for Escenic used on the client side. The text proofing tool is used by editorial staff both in Bergen and Oslo.

A media house in transition

Spring 2008 has been a time of change for Nettavisen, with new owners TV2, A-pressen and Egmont. No longer does the company only publish news on their own Web sites, but now the operation also includes news for TV2 Text-TV and news tickers for TV2. Tansa is also used to proof the new editorial products. Ludt believes that ensuring quality of the new products are equally important. “News tickers are short, concise and read by many, and errors are very embarrassing,” said Ludt. “This is why Tansa is also such an important tool for these products”

“About 70 editorial employees use the tool, and without a doubt Tansa removes language mistakes that could have harmed the final product.”

Øyvind Ludt, TV2

Tansa applied

Selection of case studies

Tansa is a natural and importatnt part of many companies everyday life. We have asked some of them how and why Tansa makes such a difference.


Teknisk Ukeblad:

“Most important is that Tansa ensures consistency where there are alternative word forms, and that it corrects spelling mistakes”


Bay Area News Group

“Because we’ve made Tansa available to everyone who touches a story file, a great many routine edits are fixed long before the story reaches the copy desk,”

A matter of (local) style


“For us, the installation of Tansa reduced the number of errors in our newspaper by many, many percent.”


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