Hosted solution provides agile access and upgrades

New and longtime enterprise customers are moving to the cloud.
Using the tools they know and trust, they can access Tansa’s web-based servers from the office, home and even red-eye flights. Moving our server-based solution into the cloud was a logical step in the evolution of the system. It lets us manage the technical heavy lifting on our end so our customers can focus on the important work on their end.

Publishers prefer our new hosted solution.
It lets them access Tansa’s trusted, robust proofing engine from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our hosted system saves money and requires no maintenance as well as having the latest versions of our software and dictionaries via a streamlined upgrade process.

This has captured the interest of publishers and corporations because it works, and it works well. It comes with an impressive 99.9 percent uptime and the ability to integrate with almost any web-based content management system via the most popular browsers. Naturally, it also works with all the Tansa-supported extensions our customers depend on like Adobe InDesign, InCopy and Microsoft Word.

Customers are thrilled with our proofing engine.
We’re now offering our stable, proven and unique proofing engine in a cloud-based option that lets them take advantage of our 20 years of editing software experience while making their users more agile than ever thanks to our API integration.