Not just a spell-checker.

Unlike the tools built into most word processors and layout applications, Tansa processes your text in multi-word phrases, making it capable of checking not only the spelling of words, but also the usage and style of your writing. This is accomplished by checking your text against a highly customized dictionary and set of style guidelines.

This server-based engine can drastically reduce the number of errors that slip through your current editing process. Tansa not only catches your mistakes, it reduces the amount of time you need to spend editing.

Imagine the amount of time wasted correcting common spelling and style errors, or the time wasted looking up words, searching for names or interrupting a co-worker for spelling and style advice. Unlike other spell-checkers, Tansa’s customers have documented up to a 90 percent reduction in published errors and have seen up to a 40 percent reduction in the amount of time needed to edit their content.

A server-based solution.

This allows everyone in the company to use the same proofreading tools. This ensures that all users of the system are adhering to the writing guidelines set forth by the organization. Whether it’s an error in a news article, brochure or an email/letter to a customer, what may appear to be a small error could in fact damage the individual’s or the company’s credibility.

The Tansa Text Proofing System has been used for more than two decades by some of the most prestigious publishers around the globe. It is also used by book publishers, corporations and nonprofit organizations. Anyone producing a large quantity of text can benefit from Tansa’s highly customizable dictionaries.