Tansa incorporates AP Style updates

Proofing system reflects hundreds of changes, including Olympic Topical Guide

Earlier this summer the editors of The Associated Press Stylebook cooked up a storm when they added and modified more than 250 entries in the 2016 edition of the journalist’s bible. But they didn’t stop there; in preparation for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the AP recently released a new Topical Guide bursting with Rio-related facts and guidance on the 2016 Games.

Whether you’re wondering how to handle Rio datelines or the proper spelling of medjool dates, Tansa customers know their style guides and dictionaries are always in sync with the AP Stylebook.

The Olympics and Rio-related topic guide contains facts, figures and even Portuguese pronunciations specific to the host country. For example, you should capitalize the title of IOC President Thomas Bach, so long as the title precedes his name. The guide also recommends that you should not abbreviate international federations (IF) when referring to the IOC governing body.

So what’s new in the non-Olympic stew? Shawarma, soft-shell crab (not softshell nor softshelled nor soft-shelled crab, mind you), gochujang, egg rolls but eggnog, pozole, beurre blanc; banh mi, Dagwood and PB&J sandwiches; kombucha, horchata, mezcal, boilermakers and mai tais, and the list goes on. Hungry, thirsty yet?

If you are not a foodie, have no fear – there’s more – techies can rejoice too. The AP has also added darknet but dark web, emoticons, iOS, dashcam, WhatsApp, mirroring, Vimeo and so on. But topping the list are the major changes: lowercasing internet (no longer Internet), voicemail (not voice mail) and now it’s the web (not Web) but rest assured, it’s still the World Wide Web.

Sprinkled in among the tasty and not so tasty are Zika, Aedes aegypti, microcephaly, the Norwegian lundehund, berger Picard and shiba inu breeds of dogs. And enter also normcore and chador – fashion, after a fashion.

And these are just the highlights … the list goes on. How can one remember all the details? No worries. Tansa has captured them all and will make sure you avoid a real snafu, which is now acceptable by the way, despite its humble (or rather, vulgar) beginnings.